GTS is well-positioned to work on innovative models currently being considered as part of the solution to increasing healthcare costs. Technology facilitates access in a cost-effective and efficient way to provide health services. The integration of concepts used in telemedicine and telehealth offers the best hope for improving efficiency while providing remote healthcare services to a population that has little or no access and to those who need continuous monitoring to prevent high cost healthcare treatments. A patient simply needs to have access to a telephone to be able to have contact with a healthcare provider. Telemonitoring avoids costly situations, emergency room visits; readmissions and more importantly, a patient can access care, medical advice and education on real time. Technology thus has now provided opportunities in the healthcare delivery model by increasing access, delivering quality care and reducing cost. It also enables clinical coordination among providers of care.

Global Telehealth Services, Inc was created with the new healthcare delivery model in mind with the following concepts:

  • Access: Focus on delivering care to populations in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Quality: Focus on outcomes, patient safety and high standard of care.
  • Cost: Focus on delivery, access and quality with measurable positive outcomes at a low cost.
  • Clinical Care Coordination: Teams of healthcare providers working together to centralize care to prevent errors and duplicity and increase patient satisfaction while increasing quality and patient safety.

Synergistic to our business concept are telenursing, telepharmacy, telepsychiatry and telehospice. In the market sector where Global Telehealth Services will develop and grow its business, there is great potential to align, collaborate and partner with home healthcare companies, health maintenance organizations, nursing care services and pharmacy services to enhance their initiatives to reduce cost by reducing hospitalizations, re-hospitalizations/readmissions and emergency room visits.

Research and development is a component to what we do at Global Telehealth Services. We are committed to continue to develop services that align with our mission and vision. Currently, GTS has registered four patents. The addition of a nonprofit arm (Preventive Telehealth Research, Inc.) enables the company to participate in numerous grant opportunities.