GTS VirtualHealth Platform (GTS-VP) Achieves Federal Risk and Authorization Management (FedRAMP) Ready Status

March 21, 2022 - Global Telehealth Services (GTS), an industry leading Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform, today announced that it has achieved the Federal Risk and Authorization Management (FedRAMP) Ready status at the Moderate impact level, for the GTS VirtualHealth Platform (GTS-VP). GTS achieved this status in partnership with its sponsoring agency, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), with VA’s Authority to Operate (ATO) expected to be accomplished in Q2 22.

FedRAMP is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and monitoring for cloud products and services. Its certification process is the most rigorous security authorization SaaS companies can achieve and includes an in-depth examination of a solution's data security and data governance capabilities, as well as the security practices of its cloud services. And to date, the GTS-VP is the only RPM solution to reach this status.

Federal agencies and healthcare organizations are under tremendous pressure to deliver better patient results in a cost-effective manner. While RPM is a critical component to achieving those outcomes, it can only be accomplished when the security posture of the system and the safety of the data is in a transparently known state.

GTS wants to thank EmeSec (a DecisionPoint subsidiary), its FedRAMP Third Party Assessor (3PAO), for the rigor they brought to the audit process, which allowed GTS to further refine processes for continuous improvement to the security of the GTS-VP.

GTS is also grateful for the support and sponsorship it received from Jacob Herzog, the VA’s National Telehealth Coordinator for Neurology and Tom Guido, formerly of the VA’s Digital Transformation Center (DTC). Herzog’s and the DTC’s sponsorship provided critical guidance to GTS and greatly assisted its efforts to complete the FedRamp process. GTS-VP can now be used for a wide variety of additional use cases, and to provide synergy to the breadth of VA’s RPM activities.

About GTS
GTS is an industry leader in the development of enterprise RPM solutions. GTS solutions are designed to be device agnostic, fit into the existing workflows of our customers, and to ease the implementation and creation of RPM programs for healthcare providers.

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GTS VirtualHealth Platform

The GTS-VP offers Customer Agencies a powerful, flexible and convenient solution to provide Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Real Time Telehealth visits, and Store and Forward Technology (labs, images, and clinical data) services. The GTS-VP connects healthcare providers, patients, and patient families to communicate healthcare information from remote patient monitoring tools and through video-teleconferencing. The GTS-VP integrates with RPM medical devices from most any manufacturer and can be readily configured to work across multiple disease types and chronic conditions. The GTS-VP is also designed to make use of existing agency workflows and business processes with the ability to expand to address conditions and incorporate devices and capabilities that have yet to be developed.